Fees: $50.00/hour - Flat fees upon request


Alex's resume reads like a Who's Who of America's finest criminal defense lawyers. Although not a lawyer himself, Alex has essentially apprenticed for years under the most respected practices in the nation ... The Law Offices of Roy Black, Albert Krieger, et al. ... and it shows on the quality of his work product. Before there were law schools, this is how great lawyers were made. Alex's meticulous attention to detail combined with his exceptional analytical and writing talents have served me well in case after case. Importantly, he truly cares about the fate of each client." Sherman M. Ellison
When you need that on-point case, when the judge is expecting a memorandum of law ‘post haste,’ you can count on Alex for thorough research and persuasive writing so you can focus on other aspects of trial prep that also demand your immediate attention." Howard M. Srebnick
Alex has worked for me on a number of independent projects, including motions, legal memoranda, and appellate briefs filed in federal and state courts. I have found his legal research and writing skills to be superior, indeed unparalleled, even among lawyers who have been practicing for years. His knowledge of criminal law and procedure enables him to identify meritorious legal issues and arguments that most lawyers would miss. He is also particularly adept at analyzing the discovery in a criminal case, quickly spotting the documents that are most relevant, whether helpful or harmful, to the client's case." Scott A. Srebnick